Follow us in this old school flight from LIRF to LIMC with the ALITALIA MD-80.  Acompanhe nosso vôo no MD-80 da ALITALIA de Roma para Milão.


The MD-80 series is a mid-size, medium-range airliner that was introduced in 1980. The design was the second generation of the DC-9 with two rear fuselage-mounted turbofan engines, small, highly efficient wings, and a T-tail. The aircraft has distinctive five-abreast seating in the coach class. It was a lengthened DC-9-50 with a higher maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and a higher fuel capacity. The aircraft series was designed for frequent, short-haul flights for 130 to 172 passengers depending on plane version and seating arrangement.

The development of MD-80 series began in the 1970s as a growth version of the DC-9 Series 50. Availability of new Pratt & Whitney JT8D high-bypass engines drove early studies including designs known as Series 55, Series 50 (refanned Super Stretch), and Series 60. The design effort focused on the Series 55 in August 1977. With the projected entry into service in 1980, the design was marketed as the “DC-9 Series 80”. Swissair launched the Series 80 in October 1977 with an order for 15 plus an option for five.

The Series 80 featured a fuselage 14 ft 3 in (4.34 m) longer than the DC-9-50. The DC-9 wings were redesigned by adding sections at the wing root and tip for a 28% larger wing. The initial Series 80 first flew October 19, 1979.

It entered service in 1980. It was certified as a version of the DC-9. The company name was changed to MD-80 in July 1983 as a marketing move. New versions of the series were initially the MD-81/82/83 and the shortened MD-87, though their formal certification was DC-9-81/82 etc. Only the MD-88 was given an “MD” certification, as was the later MD-90. Click at the screenshot to zoom it.


A Douglas desenvolveu o DC-9 nos anos 1960 como uma aeronave de curto alcance. O DC-9 tinha um design inovador, usando dois turbofans na parte traseira. O DC-9 era uma aeronave de corpo estreito (narrow-body), e tinha capacidade de carregar de 80 a 135 passageiros, dependendo da versão.

O série MD-80 foi a segunda geração do DC-9. Foi originalmente chamado de DC-9-80 e DC-9 Super 80. Entraram em serviço em 1980. O MD-80 foi modificado, e então surgiu o MD-90, entrando em serviço em 1995. A última variante da família é o MD-95, que foi renomeado para 717-200 depois que a McDonnell Douglas se fundiu com a Boeing em 1997.

O primeiro da série MD-80, foi o MD-81, equipado com motores JT8D-209, homologado em agosto de 1980 e a 1ª companhia aérea a utilizar a aeronave foi a Swissair em outubro do mesmo ano. Em 1979 a Douglas lançaria então a versão MD-82, com motores mais potentes e maior peso máximo de decologem. O MD-82 foi também produzido sob licença na China pela SAIC – Shanghai Aircraft Industrie Corp. Clique nas imagens para ampliar.



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